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    baby’s heart monitor

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    here ya go anon. My family!

    this was almost a year ago, when Ellie and I first moved home to North Carolina to be together again as a family Look how bald!

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  5. yay I fixed my shiz

    If you follow Me and Little Ellie,
    please go follow my ORIGINAL blog http://littlegypsymama.tumblr.com 

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  10. september

    I want to start taking Ellie to our new library. And the park before it’s too cold!

    I want to spend less time stressing
    and more sweet lazy time with my hubby:)

    I want to make time for myself and start putting myself first again for a little while… this means showering alone & working out every day… I’m going to start demanding “Mommy Time” almost every day! do hair treatments & paint my nails sometimes and start sketching again, writing, and compiling my book ideas, etc. I had dreams before I was wifey, hubs

    I want to cook for my family more often, once we have our food stamps & we’re not eating mac & cheese for dinner on the regular

    other lame to do’s:
    go to TN so I can get the Jimmy, Baby Bullet, high chair, strollers, etc! and see my mama :) or at least try. This is important!

    Find Jase a 2nd job & tackle his community service… and hopefully I can get a good job here!!

    Fix our car, pay up our insurance on both cars, buy my books, make my tuition payments, buy Ellie some Halloween pj’s and a costume and decorations and books (I LOVE HALLOWEEN) and maybe get us moved out of here soonish.

    So now it’s posted = official.  (: